Even though the term Quick Dry is widely used in the industry we see that there is little to no clarity among the garment brands and end consumers about it. The same function is referred to as Quick Dry, Play Dry, Wicking, Hydrophilic, Moisture Management, etc. and different brands can have a different registered name for the same function.

Below we shall enlisted 7 points about Quick Dry fabrics, to help you understand why it is required in Sportswear applications :  

  1. Capillary Movement : When we work out then our body produces upto 2 liters of sweat every hour, so if the fabric has quick dry functions it is able to absorb the moisture and keep the body dry. The quick dry function enables Capillary movement of moisture from the skin to the surface of the fabric after which the moisture comes in contact with Ambient air and dries up.
  2. Growing Applications : Quick dry fabrics are finding a lot of application in sportswear garments, towels, undergarments, outdoor wear, travel wear, etc so that it can dry and be reused quickly.
  3. Comparison of Cotton with Polyester : Traditionally we have been using cotton-based fabrics , which feel very comfortable to wear because they have a very good water absorbing capability as it is a spun yarn, and can absorb moisture upto 25 times it’s weight. But at the same time the problem with cotton is that even though it absorbs quick, it does not dry quickly which makes the fabric feel bulky and wet for a long period of time. In comparison to cotton, Polyester does not have a good water absorbency function by its own, and has a low moisture regain value of 0.4%., as it is a man-made filament yarn. But by adding some special chemicals the fabric can be given a good moisture wicking capability, so it can absorb the moisture within seconds. Now at the same time as polyester yarn cannot hold the water molecules it would have a much better drying time as well, so after absorbing the moisture from the skin the fabric tends to dry quickly.
  4. All Polyester is not Quick Dry : Many of the fabrics which are being sold in the market in the name of Quick Dry or sports material are truly not having any such function, and all polyester/ nylon fabrics are being called quick dry. Whereas the fabric needs to be processed with special chemicals at the dyeing stage, depending on the level of wicking required. As this process is not visible without testing many suppliers mislead buyers and do not add any chemicals to save costs. This is very rudimentary to the performance of the garment as it will make the wearer feel uncomfortable. A very easy way to checking it is by putting a drop of water on the fabric, and if it has quick dry properties, it will be absorbed instantly within 2 seconds. 
  5. Quick Dry finish has a limited washing life :Another important thing to understand is that different wicking chemicals and the quantity of chemical used during the dying process would have any impact on the number of washes for which the wicking finish would last. Obviously as it is an extra treatment done on the fabric it would tend to reduce performance with every wash. The industry requirement is generally tested at 20 washes and if the wicking treatment is not done properly it will tend to reduce performance after the first few washes. The sportswear garment manufacturers should also educate their end customers that they must replace their sports Garments 2 to 3 times every year depending on their usage as the performance would deteriorate after long usage.  Even though there is no change in the look of the garment, the property for which it is bought is not served well after prolonged usage. 
  6. Lifetime Wicking Yarns : There are some yarn companies which are also introducing wicking property at the yarn level which will provide it a lifelong performance for wicking. This trend shall soon catch up, and address the problem of washing in quick dry garments. 
  7. Seasonality of Quick Dry garments : Quick dry function is suitable for summer as well as winter garments. Let’s consider both the cases wherein in summers if we are sweating it starts to make us feel uneasy and sticky. So if the moisture can be drawn out it will help us feel more comfortable and airy. At the same time in winters if we are sweating due to workout, and the cool air touches our body then it will make us feel more colder. Hence again if moisture is removed from the skin it will make us feel more comfortable. In this way quick dry fabrics help us stay cooler in summers, and warmer in winters. 

So Quick Dry as a function is very important for all Sports wear and Active wear applications, to improve the performance and comfort of the wearer. 


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