Sportswear is no longer confined to the playing field, and due to its inherent functionalities of being comfortable, light weight, durable and affordable, the Sportswear fabrics are giving rise to the Athleisure category. Athleisure is an evolving trend in fashion in which clothing designed for athletic and sports activities are being worn in varied settings, such as on streets, supermarkets, at social occasions, at the workplace, at school, or as regular casual wear.  

The space which denims had occupied for all these years, is being replaced with athleisure garments gaining popularity due to its versatile, comfortable, and fashionable nature. Athleisure garments are getting increasingly popular in places such as public streets, fashion stores and fashion runways. Sportswear that was worn exclusively in gyms/ play fields is now being worn elsewhere by young adults and fitness-conscious consumers, and has been accompanied by a relaxation in dress codes. Also as colours play a vital role in the way we think and act, the vibrant colours used in Sportswear has added fun to the regular clothing that we wear. Its popularity has increased as sportswear has moved from being merely functional to being stylish. 

Due to innovations in textiles and technology, improvements have been made in functionality, giving the wearer functions such as breathability, moisture wicking (keeping the skin dry and comfortable), UPF(protection from harmful UV rays), Anti Static, Stretch(for better fit and comfort in movement), Water repellent (making the clothes water, soil and oil repellent), Water proof (for those rainy days), Odour Resistant (to avoid the bad sweat smell), etc. . This way the new garments have become performance enhancing, in the sense that they allow wearers to carry out their everyday activities easily.

In 2016, the global athleisure sector was valued at over $83 billion USD, while the U.S. market reported a 16% increase to $44 billion USD. A 30% growth is also predicted in Asia and the U.S. by 2020. Furthermore, analysts at Morgan Stanley, believe that global sales may therefore rise to over $350 billion USD. 

Due to the high potential in this category, we can see that apparel brands in the Fashion and Lifestyle category are increasing their focus on Athleisure. From International brands like Gucci, Prada, Tommy Hilfiger, USPA etc. to domestic labels such as Monte Carlo, Numero Uno, Parx, Flying Machine, Dixcy, etc. all want to cash-in on the Athleisure rush. 

Adcampaigns of leading sportswear brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma are seeing a shift in brand ambassadors from sports personalities like Usain Bolt, Michael Jordan, Stephen Curry giving way to Fashion & Movie personalities like Beyonce, Rihanna, Kevin Hart, Kayne West, Katy Perry and Pharrel Williams side by side. David Beckham and Virat Kohli serve as good examples with some of the highest endorsements, due to their appeal in Sports and Lifestyle as well. This advertisements combined fashion, sportswear, celebrity and music and steered clear of any sort of sports montages. 

With everything happening in the dynamic world of fashion, it might not be too surprising if we see sportswear paired with a jersey necktie and a fashionable pair of cufflinks pretty soon.

We at Positex have been striving to get you the best in Fabrics & Fashion, since our inception in 2005, as Pashupati Overseas LLP. Specialising in the field of fabrics for Sportswear, Jackets, Outdoor wear and Womens Fashion we have a good understanding of your emerging Athleisure market. We have been a part of the rising trend of Athleisure in our market, given our strength in Sportswear fabrics and Casual wear fabrics. We have introduced a lot of fabrics in knits and wovens, which fit the requirements of an Athleisure garment due to their functionalities, working with brands like Louis Philippe, Van Heusen, USPA, Benetton, Jack & Jones, Numero Uno, etc. 

With our commitment to deliver “Quality and Quantity, On-Time, Everytime”, we have been the preferred supplier in Sportswear and Outerwear category for all leading International & Domestic brands in the Indian subcontinent. We also cater to some of the esteemed Exporters, who are converting garments for many of the International labels. This gives us the opportunity to introduce the latest trends in the industry, and stay ahead of competition. Serving you with an experienced & committed team, we are prepared to cater to your requirements, through our main office at New Delhi, and associate offices at Bengaluru, Mumbai & Ludhiana. For sourcing and inspections we have a Liaison office at Shanghai, China.

Through our Value Creating and Problem Solving approach, we introduce the latest fabrics in the market, and work hand in hand with our buyers from Sampling to Bulk stage. Through our appreciated stock management program, we maintain fabrics in Core, Rising Star and Introduction categories, and maintain inventories based on it. However considering the trends in the fashion industry still close to 43% of our orders are on program basis, using buyer specifications and colours. 

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