The developments in recent years in the Lining category, have addressed the problems constantly faced by wearers of Jackets and Blazers. Hi-Tech lining fabrics influenced by developments in the Micro filament yarns of Activewear category, are finding place in the Lining industry due to the factors like Breathability, Comfort, Stretchability, Dullness, Handfeel, etc. International brands like Massimo Dutti, Zara, Uni Qlo, have adopted these Hi-Tech Lining fabrics in most of their styles in the last 2 years.

In the clothing category, Jackets and Blazers command a higher perceived value by the customer, and brands struggle to find ways to differentiate their product on the shelf by way of pattern, main fabric, colours, etc.

For all the years I have seen, the entire industry has been using Taffeta fabrics in 3 variants 190T, 210T, Twill, which happen to be shiny, sticky, non breathable and rather cheap looking fabrics. Certainly a fabric that is used for lining in bags, umbrellas, tents is not something you would like to have next to your skin. The new fabric developments in Lining category provide better wearing properties and can improve the perceived value for the garment.

Even though lining contributes a small part of the entire cost of the garment, in the category of Jackets and Blazers, where mostly the garment is tried before making the buying decision, the Lining can be the make or break factor.

Below is a list of factors you should consider while making your choice for Lining Fabric to be used for your collection :

  1. Dull Look – Polyester Taffeta is discredited with having a shiny and cheap look because of the flat polyester yarn used. But the new developments in Polyester Micro Yarns, which uses texturised yarns provide a Dull cottonish looking fabrics, which can enhance the Visual appeal of the garment.
  2. Anti Static – Do not like the clinging noise, or faced those mild electric shocks while wearing winter clothes. Polyester material have high static charge, so fabrics treated with Anti Static finish will help reduce this discomfort.
  3. Breathable – The fabric should allow the excess heat from the body to escape, so that the garment feels comfortable while wearing.
  4. Perforated – Perforated lining and pocketing materials are being used, to provide higher breathability.
  5. Moisture Wicking finish – Being the inner layer of the garment, Lining fabric is closest to the skin. It should have good Moisture Management properties, so that it can transfer sweat and moisture vapour to the outer layer, keeping the skin dry and comfortable. A fabric that is not breathable and without wicking property will create a sticky and clumsy feeling, whenever the wearer is in motion.
  6. Stretchability – Everyone today demands more flexibility in their clothes, and with the trend of lined jackets and blazers using stretchable/ knitted fabric for the outer layer, the lining too needs to move with it. Linings made with Mechanical stretch yarns are most suited, due to their 4 way stretch property, soft handfeel, better colour fastness and reasonable cost (compared to spandex based lining fabrics).
  7. Handfeel – The micro polyester yarns being used in the Hi-Tech Linings provide a richer texture and cottonish handfeel to the fabrics. Even when this fabric is in direct touch with the skin, it provides a comfortable feeling.
  8. Higher Density – Poly wadding migration/ bursting is a problem faced by many brands in their jackets. Taffeta’s are generally used in 190T, 210T density (threads per inch), whereas the Hi-Tech Lining materials are available in 240T or more density, which means that technically there is lesser space between the yarns, to allow the wadding to burst. Also a higher density provides a better bounce to the fabric. 
  9. Better Physical Strength properties –  Due to the higher density and use of Texturised DTY yarn, the physical properties of tear strength, tensile strength and seam-slippage are improved considerable compared to polyester taffeta fabrics which use a flat FDY yarn.

These linings can be used in Plain Dyed colours, and to add to the look printing techniques like Digital printing or Embossing can be used.

I am sure that after having a reasonable understanding of the above factors, you would think twice before adorning your regular taffeta lined jackets, and offering the same through your brand.

You may like to watch these short videos for Hi Tech Lining : 

Cotton touch lining material for Suits/ Blazers

Innovative AIR dot lining and pocketing


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